Soho architecture Context Both multicultural and isolated at the same time, Soho stands as an ecosystem defined by communities that have colonized the space throughout history. The footprints and layers…

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Arin II

Arin II sculpture About Arin II is the last of a series of studies on the lightness and expression of materials. The forged steel sheet flows in the air waving…

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Iris sculpture About In spite of the beauty of the colour range of the iris the artwork remains disturbing and unpleasant to the eyes of everyone, generating an uncomfortable atmosphere…

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  • Post published:13.02.2019
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Static Static Land art About Rioja Alavesa is a territory characterised by the strong winds of autumn. The intervention puts under the spotlight this feature of the landscape, making visible…

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Lost PHOTOGRAPHY About The series of images explores the sense of being disoriented in the forest. The absence of detail and certainty, the perception of being everywhere and nowhere at…

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Blue photography About A monographic compilation of pictures about the blue colour. The pictures explore the variation in the colour palette and light in monochromatic environments with sky and sea…

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